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In December of 2002 I finally finished recording, mixing and mastering my first CD, “The Test of Time”, marking the end of a seven-year project. They say “the trip can be more fun than the destination” – how true. I got to record this CD with some of the most talented musicians and recording engineers in the world, from Hartford to L.A., New York City to Atlanta, from Toto to the Rolling Stones and everyone in between who I now call the sweetest of friends. Some of those close to me have said I’ve been blessed with good fortune; I say it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you mention the threat of an IRS audit to a musician.

So I hereby dedicate this musical page of my website to those very talented musicians who graced the 24 tracks of 13 tunes (and 1 parody) of my first formal musical recording. They are, alphabetically by instrument, as follows:


Bernard Fowler One of the most soulful singers I’ve ever met; from NYC, Bernard is now one of the background vocalists for The Rolling Stones, and has toured with them since the “Steel Wheels” tour. Bernard has sang with many others too (, including L.A. rock band Nickelbag with guitarist Stevie Salas. All I had to do was show Bernard where the words go, and he did all the rest as my mouth dropped to the floor at his home studio in L.A….a monster singer.
Cory Glover – Mostly known as the lead singer for the rock band “Living Colour”, Cory ( knows how to take it from rock to pop, from soul to R&B, from old school to new. When I first heard him singing L.C.’s first big hit “Cult of Personality”, I always longed to see the band and hear him sing live…little did I know I was going to get a front row seat in a NYC recording studio…to state the obvious, Cory rules.
Sally Jaye - L.A. singer/songwriter and singer for the band Paper Sun (, Sally has one of the most beautiful pop female voices coupled with one of filthiest mouths – my kind of friend. Along with Alan “P1” Friedman and Jen “P2” Lowe, Sally “P3” Jaye has received critical acclaim as one of the founding members of the famous punk-rock band “Polly Pussy Pants” (lifted from Cartman’s backyard picnic scene on South Park).
Bobby Kimball – One of the best rock vocalists of all times for one of the best rock bands of all times, Toto (, Bobby is “the voice” of “Hold The Line” and “Rosanna”. Bobby’s ( become one of my dearest friends in addition to one of my lifelong musical heroes…hailing from Vinton, Louisiana, he is a true southern gentleman through and through. Nickname: “F**kin’ B”
Robbie LaBlanc – A true hidden musical treasure, Robbie LaBlanc is Paul McCartney, Richard Marx, Don Henley, Darryl Hall and Mark Farner rolled into one. A wine rep by day, singer/songwriter/great guitarist and dear friend the rest of the time, Robbie is also a founding member of Blanc Faces ( with his talented brother Brian. One of the nicest and most modest guys you’d ever meet, Robbie is almost as sweet as his wife Cindy; check him out..!!
  Paul Lombardo – Connecticut ’s “man of a thousand voices”, Paul is a great vocalist/guitar player and co-founding member of L&R Productions (, one of Connecticut’s best commercial and jingle production studios. Paul has been a close friend for the past 30 years, when we were gigging in local cover bands doing all of the great rock that came out of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and also one of our firm’s oldest clients. Paul can literally sing anything…especially if there’s a fee being paid..:>)



Will Calhoun – Most of us know Will Calhoun ( as the drummer for the rock group “Living Colour” ( Will was also Modern Drummer’s “Best New Drummer” in 1988 and has played with many great musicians like B.B. King, Mick Jagger, Jaco Pastorious, Jack Dejohnette, Marcus Miller, Dr.John, Carly Simon, Herb Alpert, Lauryn Hill and Run-DMC to name just a few. I love Will; mostly because he lets me lock him in my basement recording studio for hours on end as long as there’s an endless supply of lox, bagels and sushi.
Rob “The Drummer” Gottfried Although a very talented drummer, Rob realized at a young age he needed a more meaningful middle name. Rob the Drummer ( is best known as an international ambassador of goodwill. He’s been on Sesame Street, Nickeldeon, Romper Room and in the auditoriums of hundreds of schools across the nation spreading the gospel of pro-music, pro-arts, pro-sports and anti-substance abuse. He was on Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” committee and has performed at the White House on several occasions. But Rob is best known as my good friend, NAMM show sidekick and literal next-door neighbor – which is why my wife always keeps the refrigerator well stocked.
Jonathan Mover – Having drummed with Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin, Joe Satriani, Fuel and GTR to name a few, Jonathan Mover ( is one of my all-time favorite drummers to record and play with. I also get the absolute best sounding drum tracks, as we always record Jonathan’s drums at his NYC studio, Skyline Studios ( My only frustration working with Jonathan is right after he records an absolutely perfect drum track (which is always the “first” take on every tune), he then he insists on doing it again because he thinks he can do it better (is there such a thing as “better” when the track was perfect the first time?). Aside from his drumming prowess, Jonathan is a great friend and wonderful sounding board for musical ideas...and his my package is bigger than mine.
Chris Ryan A long-time friend, Chris Ryan is a well-known recording and gigging drummer and studio engineer as well. But Chris is probably known by most of the drumming community as the Manager of Artist Relations for KAT Percussion Products (…remember KAT? They were the forerunners in electronic percussion in the 80’s and early 90’s). Chris has played with many national acts and pop-rock bands, many of them hailing from his current home of Northampton, Massachusetts. Chris is a great friend, even though he always makes fun of me for using a PC instead of a Mac…yeah, but can he do a multi-state tax return?


Ron Bienstock
Tony Jones
David Stoltz
Doug Wimbish


Jeff Batter
Vince DiCola
Mark Tannenbaum
Mark Zampino


Alan Friedman
Bryan LeMar
Jeff Pevar


Tony Genevive
Jen Lowe


Jimmy Biggins


Cheryl Batter
Nancy Battistini
John Hopkins
Brian LaBlanc
Tom Russo
Gail Schiro


Lee Bench
Danny Bernini
Fran Flannery
Norman Johnson